Leaving people speechless is just one of the many things Mr. Arnab Goswami is famous for. He is known to do it with his words but this time, he’s went a step ahead and done it with a photoshoot! 

He recently graced the cover of Man’s World India and well, everyone is in for a surprise.

Goswami is all dressed up and dapper in this new photoshoot. He looks pretty casual and cool, quite unlike his television persona where he’s a serious journalist demanding answers.

Here are a few photos from the shoot that will make you look at the man in new light:

1. Doesn’t he look absolutely dapper in that bow tie?

Man’s World India/Instagram

2. He always makes sure his voice is heard.

3. The irony here is not lost.

Man’s World India/Instagram

4. Look at him looking calm and composed. Such a fresh change!

Man’s World India/Instagram

5. He lends some vintage class to the frame here.

Man’s World India/Instagram

 Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him!