Too thin, too fat, too dark, too fair, too flat, too curvy, and basically not good enough.

Women have been strategically taught that they need to doll up or they won’t look desirable. The moment a girl hits puberty, she is put through various different salon routines for a clear skin, hair removal, fancy nails, etc etc. Certain clothes and shoes are bought to bring out her feminine side. She has to stick to a standard, a norm. If she doesn’t, no one will call her pretty.

We keep going through this whole cycle without really questioning how the processes we so readily go through may be harming us. 

Here is a list of things which negatively affect our body:


Apart from the pain, it can leave you with burns, rashes, bleeding and even an infection if you have sensitive skin.


A process that all ladies dread, isn’t it? You should dread it just a little more considering that it can cause spread of the herpes virus and staph infections through dirty threads and broken skin.


Since the main concern seems to be about hair, bleach is the quickest way to reduce the visibility of facial hair. However, using the product can actually do more harm than good. Thinning of skin, uneven skin tone, burns and pigmentation are just a few of its side effects.


They may give you instant fairness but long-term use can cause pimples, pigmentation and even skin cancer.


This could be to gain or shed weight. If done in moderation, it will make you healthy but if you take it to an extreme level, it will mess up with your system.


A good pair of heels can really change your look of the day, no? It can also change your posture, give you cuts, add an awkward spinal curve which further leads to more pain in the back and sore muscles. 


Turns out, a little colour is quite harmful. Regular use of nail paint won’t just make your nails brittle, the smell can give you a headache. And a research shows that chemicals found in nail paints can be responsible for girls hitting puberty early.


Love your hair and count colouring as maintenance? Well, it comes at the cost of scalp irritation, rashes, brittle hair AND severe hair fall.


We cannot leave our hair alone, can we? At times we use hot iron and at other times, we use chemicals for pin straight hair. It may look good for a couple of days but is damaging beyond control. Hair quality deteriorates and you’ll be losing your hair like it doesn’t belong on your scalp.


Women are expected to have ‘rosy’ lips and lipstick is the solution to that. But apart from rosy lips, the heavy metals in a lipstick can cause stomach tumours and damage kidneys.


You’ve been trained to wear these since you hit puberty but bras cause circulatory issues, back pain, cyst creation and constricted breathing.


The need to have a certain figure pushes women to fall for this alternative to dieting. Turns out, this one is just as harmful. Body shapers will affect blood circulation, cause numbness, affect digestion and make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Time to make informed choices?