You love travelling but do you enjoy dragging four big suitcases around like you are on a mission? So the only items that get compromised are your beauty and skin care because there’s not enough space in the bag!

We understand that exotic places call for stunning pictures, that in turn demand for flawless skin. Gone are the days when you had to give up on carrying your make-up and skin-care products since these brands now provide customised travel kits to keep your make-up and skin looking flawless on the trip.

1. RENEE Fab Face – Combo

One stick that does all the work for your eyes, lips and cheeks together, really? Yes, that’s RENEE Fab Face for you. You may fondly call it a revolution in the world of make up or simply your saviour during a vacay!

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2. Lenphor Cosmetics 

While you’re sick of large-size items that you can’t carry in your luggage, Lenphor has curated a kit containing sleek items, with the Matte lipstick and Compact Power deserving notable mention! All of this is kept safe in a pouch. This is a kit that you must have on your staycation!

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3. Dot & Key 5-in-1 Glow Kit

Take your radiance with you everywhere you go. The best five skincare products from Dot & Key in one set to combat dull, dry skin. Who said skin care couldn’t be done outside?

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Dot & Key

4. Pilgrim Face Cream SPF30 + Night Gel Cream 

Why settle for a single cream when your skin needs vital nutrients at different times of the day and night? Pilgrim offers you a Face Cream SPF30 and night cream combo to pamper your skin and to be a part of your luggage in its small and convenient jute bag, making it much simpler to carry.

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5. Vaadi Herbals All Purpose Complete Skin Care Travel Kit

The items in this package take care of your skin care demands while you’re on the trip, so you don’t have to neglect your skin. This travel set ensures that your skin is protected from the sun, pollution and that it remains hydrated throughout the day by locking in the skin’s natural moisture.

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6. Sugar Everyday Make-Up Kit 

A miniature version of literally everything your face needs zipped up in a super-trendy pouch! Although the kit offers glamour in a small size, it showers a lot of love to your face.

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7. Revlon Must Have Beauty Combo + Makeup Storage Pouch

All you need is Revlon’s Must Have Beauty Combo to start your day on a dazzling note! This set includes a kajal, glossy lipstick, matte top coat, moisturising powder, and a pouch to keep everything in store!

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With all the space remaining in your luggage, you can carry some hygiene essentials since you are on a vacay but the nasty virus is not!