Winter is here and it is time to pull out the sweaters from the old suitcase under the bed or above the cupboard. The question is, how in the world will you stay trendy if you are still wearing the same sweater that Pinky maasi bought for you ten birthdays ago?  

If you are ready for an upgrade, here is a list of the best, and more importantly, most well-priced winter coats that you will not think twice before investing in:  

1. Monte Carlo Men’s Jacket

Price: ₹3,695 

Looking for that perfect jacket to wear to work and to that blind date after? This piece by Monte Carlo with the quilt detailing and a collar rolls work and fun into one.

2. Levis Hooded Jacket with Zip Closure

Price: ₹4,999 

If it is rugged, stylish and casual, it has got to be Levis. We wonder what it is about this brand that just makes you fall in love every time. This long sleeved, hooded jacket will simply transform your wardrobe this winter.

3. Woodland Quilted Jacket for Women

Price: ₹3,747 

These trendy winter jackets add that pop of color to any outfit that you choose. It comes in great colors like blue, canary yellow and orange. This is just the right contrast to a gloomy winter morning.

4. Puma Essentials Padded 152

Price: ₹2,890 

Keep it classy and keep it classic with this beauty from Puma. It has just the right amount of padding to keep the piercing cold winter breeze away from your body. It zips up all the way to your neck giving you all the winter protection that you can ask for.

5. Sunward Winter Outwear Vintage Oversized Coat

Price: Starts at ₹1,499

It is patterns-galore with this gorgeous oversized winter jacket. Vintage prints and contrasting colors bring out that true Boho-Chic side of your wardrobe.

6. Peter England Men’s Brown Jacket

Price: ₹3,999 

Keep it casual and simple with this gorgeous brown jacket for men by Peter England. We all know what the best thing about brown is— it goes with just about anything! But, what’s even better is that it does not get dirty easily. So, boys who hate doing laundry, this one’s for you.

7. Fort Collins Quilted Jacket with Fur Lined Hood For Women

Price: ₹1,619 

Talk about feminine winter jackets and this one tops the list. The quilt design is super cozy and perfect for a windy winter day. If you are someone who absolutely hates it when your ears freeze to ice in the winters, this stylish hoodie with the lining of fur is just what you need.