Last episode bas. I will definitely sleep after this. Just a little more scrolling on Instagram. I won’t party too late today. Things we say but never follow, and the next morning we see puffy eyes and dark circles. Ugh! 

I know dark circles SUCK. And if you have been struggling too long to get rid of those by using a ton of expensive cosmetics with zero results, maybe it’s time to go natural and try on these methods. 

Have a look. 

1. Potatoes 


Potatoes synthesise collagen which helps in healing and making skin look younger. Just grate some potato and squeeze its juice on a cotton pad. Place the cotton pad on your eyes for 10 minutes. 

2. Cold Milk 


Apart from milk being rich in Vitamin A, it also has retinoids that maintain the natural charm of the skin. Just dip the cotton pad in cold milk, place it under your eyes for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water. 

3. Orange Juice 


Adding a few drops of Glycerin to orange juice would be a bomb combination for your panda eyes. Apply thrice a week and see the magic. 

4. Vitamin E Oil 


Gently massage a drop of Vitamin E oil on both sides of your under-eye skin and go to sleep. In the morning, wash the skin with warm water. 

5. Turmeric 


Here comes the evergreen antiseptic to the rescue. Mix turmeric with pineapple juice to form a paste. Apply on your under-eye for 10 minutes and then gently wipe off with a cotton cloth. Do this process daily once a day. Make sure you don’t use too much turmeric or keep it for too long to avoid staining. 

6. Mint Leaves 


Not only is mint known for its refreshing properties but it can also be helpful in treating those dark circles. Make a paste by mixing water and mint and apply for 10 minutes. Wash with icy water. 

7. Avocado 


Avocado can bring blood flow back to your under-eye. Just grate some avocado and apply on your under-eye skin or you can also use avocado oil. 

8. Coconut oil 


It is very helpful in lightening your panda eye. Just gently massage oil into your skin and leave it overnight. 

Note: Do a patch test before you apply any of these directly.