Ear piercings and piercings, in general, have always been a style statement. Instagram and Tiktok have been filled with people showing off their ears, lips, eyebrows and belly piercings. Most of them focus on piercings aligning with one’s aesthetic and ears, focused on the overall look of the body part and not the single piercing.

From layered lobe piercings, stacked hoops, edgy orbitals to sparkle lobes, ear-piercing curation and piercings have a lot of variety and options. Here are 10 of the coolest ear piercings and designs that we are obsessed with- from stacked, minimalist to modest. 

A floral and dainty stack

The lower helix with a conch, along with the gold chain and the flowers make the ear appear extremely dainty and garden-focused look for a more soft non-traditional look.

Part of the cool block

The cool-toned and silver colour palette gives the ear an edge, especially if the shade flatters the undertones of your skin. The block hoops and studs are not as common, making your stack look cooler than your regular Sally’s ear piercings.

Bask in your minimal glory

The outer conch and standard lobe piercings, together, are a perfect duo for the minimal folks out there. Two flat helix piercings together look beautiful for those who do not want to go full-throttle with a decked-up and curated ear. Double piercings are classic but inspiring.

Desi-stacked studs

Love jewellery and want your desi-look to stand out? Take inspiration from blogger Shreya Jain’s green heavily decked stack and curated piercings. Over a period of time, get these all-around and internal ear piercings to decorate your ear with the cutesy earrings that go with your lehenga. 

Bling, glitz and glamour

If you are into asymmetrical but dramatic and glitzy jewellery, this stack is for you! Who needs a fully stacked ear to make a statement? This minimal but eye-catching curation and jewellery is our favourite. P.S. It also works for those who are scared of too many piercings or don’t have the ear-space for them. Go sparkle!

Minimal double piercing

The perfect double helix piercing to make the most of less ear space or low pain tolerance. Little rhinestone earrings make the minimal look perfectly extra.

Delicate Silver Stack

An easy way to make your ear curation look super cool is by sticking to one colour palette in jewellery. This silver stack will make your ear look intentional and elevate your looks.

The 9x Hoops Stacked

Itty-bitty gold hoops are usually tiny styles of jewellery but you can add a twist to that, by curating small hoops like this stack. There is truly nothing prettier than a mix of dainty and drama! The nine golden hoops with diamond accents add the perfect bedazzle to the throttle.

Stacked diamonds studs


Celebrity and trend-setter, Samantha Akkineni, recently showed off her beautifully curated piercings. The multiple piercings on her lobe, outer conch and tragus with chunky jewellery are perfect for an enhanced look. You can also swap these with small studs to make the curation look delicate and minimal.

Minimal trio earrings

The helix and upper lobe curation is subdued but absolutely stunning. It is a great way to try out the trend without committing if you are unsure or clueless about your pain tolerance. The triple studs look great but also have space to look pretty with future piercings if you decide to get them. There is nothing not to love about this.

Cool ear piercings are officially on-trend, and there are many ear piercings and earrings for every single vibe. With so many options, though, choosing can be overwhelming. Hopefully, these curations help you make that choice. Get screenshotting!