If men are asked to keep their wardrobe and style on the notch, it can be frustrating. However,  in the modern day, it is essential to give off the right impression all day and all time and with these 8 style tips, men can make their mornings a little easier when it comes to getting ready.

1. If you find yourself a shirt or pant that perfectly fits you, play wise and purchase two of it. 

2. Matching your belt with your shoes will help you achieve that complete and complimenting leather look. 

3. When trying something, make sure to carry three different sizes- one which you think is a perfect fit, a size on the upper side of it and a size on the lower side of it.  

4. Make sure you get most of your suits tailored rather than buying it from a retail outlet. Why? Because tailored suits are customized and ensure the best fit. 

5. Invest more in shirts and sweaters instead of t-shirts as shirts and sweaters are versatile clothing and help you experiment different looks. 

6. Buy three staple pieces every other season so as to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. 

7. Ditch those funky-colored clothes and shop solid shades for a mature, subtle and elegant look. 

8. Say good-bye to your body spray and invest in cologne. 

And now that you know the golden rules, are you ready to show how dapper AF you are?