Fashion sense or no fashion sense, there are things that look good and things that don’t. Then there are also things that are outdated and absolutely obsolete. And as much as most men hate fashion and would rather not be associated with it, there are certain things that you just cannot wear. Sometimes, for fashion’s sake and other times, to just not get ridiculed. 

For instance, it’s 2017 and men are still wearing floaters with socks. Now, people around you might not tell you this, but this trend died a long time ago and truth be told, it looks pretty ridiculous. We can’t even fathom why this was a trend in the first place. 

Well, like we said, we don’t want you to be ridiculed for the fashion choices you make. So here are a few things that you need to get rid of, to be more 2017-ish and less Y2K-ish. 

1. The big tree-trunk like square-toed shoes.

The mere sight of them makes me gag because honestly, they are ugly AF. One can still bear them with laces. But without laces, they just look like a big, ugly tree trunk. And it makes you look like one too. So get rid of it already. 

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2. You wouldn’t even want to be caught dead in these extremely pointy-toed shoes.

Whoever crafted this had a serious issue with his size, assuming it’s a man. But damn, son! You won’t even want to be found dead in these spiky shoes. First, your toes don’t go that far away, so why the hell is there so much leg space? And if you’re going to give style as an excuse, let me stop you right there because these shoes might be many things but stylish is not one of them. 


3. Second-skin like skinny jeans.

They’re ridiculously tight and men shouldn’t ever wear them in public. The whole jazz about how your clothes should feel like your second skin is not to be taken this seriously. 


4. Gym shorts that shouldn’t be worn in public ever.

Briefs are fine. Shorts are fine. But wearing gym shorts in the name of fashion is appalling. Why are they even called gym shorts? They should be worn only when you’re all by yourself. Because honestly, no one wants to see the outline of your wiener. 


5. Glossy, shiny, slimy, sleazy shirt.

If Adam was alive, he would have called out this blasphemous act and would have tossed you out of the Garden of Eden. These shinies blind people and they really are too late to be worn in 2017. Plus, if you ask me, the shirt gives out major sleaze vibes. So, put them down the trash chute and get rid of it. 


6. The just too wide side-cut T-shirts.

So, you have an amazing body? Good for you, man. But there are so many other ways to show it off. Why would you wear such an abomination for that? A nice fitted shirt works well.


7. The abhorrent combination of floaters & socks.

No. Nope. Never. If this trend comes back again, then we should take it upon ourselves and rid the world of floaters forever. Never to have them back ever. It’s not exactly the most fashionable pair of footwear out there and no one’s going to miss it if one day it goes AWOL. 


8. Every lazy person’s go-to, the Crocs.

No offense to the Crocs loving people out there. Sure, it’s a very comfortable footwear, but honestly, comfortable is just another word for lazy, and these shoes are the epitome of laziness. And if you wear them with socks, it’s time to make the big change and just burn them all. 

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9. The emo Ed-Hardy T-shirts.

There haven’t been T-shirts more outrageous and overrated than these. There was a time, not so long ago, when every wannabe dude in town was wearing this T, with really emo lines like, ‘Love kills slowly.’ If you have these, it’s time to say goodbye to them.


10. Fashion’s Faux Pas worthy ill-fitted shirt.

An ill-fitted shirt is a recipe for a fashion disaster and for shooing away any suitors. So if you don’t want to be on the page of Fashion’s Best Faux Pas, then you better wear a fitted shirt. It can’t be too tight, you don’t want the buttons to pop open, right? So make sure it fits right at the shoulder, the cuffs, the sleeve and the torso.


11. The old & bulky cargo pants.

Unless you’re going on a trek or are not at an outdoorsy place, please put the cargo back in your cupboard. First off, cargo pants are way too historic. Secondly, it’s not really a daily wear outfit. You see, the large pockets were originally designed for the British forces to hold field dressings, maps, and things like that. 

Also, if you’re short, it’ll make you look like a stout tree trunk and if you’re tall and lanky, it’ll just hang off of you. Basically, reserve it for that trek you’re planning, maybe?


12. Them tacky & chunky big buckle belts.

Days when it was okay to show off your nakli Armani, Gucci and Versace ki belt are long past us. Those chunky belts not only look tacky, they are an A-class fashion disaster. Additionally, they are so passe. So drop them, please. 

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13. Can’t decide where to end clothing, the Capri.

It seems like capris try really hard to be something between jeans and shorts. But they just end up looking like an ill-fitted item of clothing and quite ridiculous as well. 


Take a cue, and change your fashion game a little. Trust me, this will do wonders for your wardrobe.