While most of us have declared sweatpants as the trend and perpetual look of the lockdown season, this adorable father-daughter duo in Spain are dressing up as famous characters just to take out the trash. 

Halloween came early this year for this father-daughter duo! Their daily walk across the street as superheroes or Disney Princesses will sprinkle the much-needed magic on your feed during the lockdown:   

Sometimes even superheroes who wear capes take out their own trash, ok? 

A life-size Pascal is damn scary but would you look at this little Rapunzel with hair longer than her height, trotting to throw the garbage? 

Even the characters of Dragon Ball Z couldn’t use their spells to make the trash disappear: 

We can’t ‘let it go’ this little Elsa walking with a life-sized Olaf is the cutest thing ever. Be careful not to melt Olaf with all our warmth, folks.  

Looks like this munchkin Belle trained this Beast well: 

Twinning and winning with their spidey sense: 

The Heist was way too dangerous for his precious daughter, so completed this mission alone: 

BRB, rewatching all these movies and shows. Let us know which is your favourite look in the comments section below.