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Being the gullible person that I am, luring me into a prank is child’s play. I have believed things like “applying kerosene on my head would give my hair a better texture” and yes, as stupid as it sounds I have done it. Such instances make me more paranoid than careful and I end up not responding to any calls or texts on April Fool’s Day to avoid making a complete fool of myself.

For someone who can be tricked as easily as me, April Fool’s Day and Halloween feel the same.

Then again, I can’t overlook things that restore my faith through disguised mediums, can I?

 Flipkart’s “No Kidding Day” sale on the 1st and 2nd of April has flipped the idea of April Fool’s Day this year by offering us amazing deals on quality products and yes, as good as it sounds, this isn’t a prank. Since the perpetual paranoia has its lingering effects, I did my own share of research on this offer. The moment I got done with the digging in bit for my mental satisfaction, I squealed with excitement and trust me the moment was worth getting captured. From the quality of the products being top notch to the rates being completely pocket-friendly, it is all real. Don’t believe me? Just checkout the product reviews and ratings.

Watch how they have challenged our desi lie detector in this quirky ad. 

Now wasn’t that adorable? Click here to checkout more of these videos.. 

I can already picture myself scrolling through the screen while the “Eyes Off You” song by Frankie Valli plays in the background because it’s not every day when I get showered with such generosity 

*cries dramatically out of happiness*.