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Stepping into the shower this morning, I found that I was out of soap. And shampoo. A moment later, I was thankful for running out of them, because as it turned out, the water had run out as well. And I’m pretty sure, a lot of our readers must have been through this harrowing experience. Taking a bath is a blissful experience and even the smallest snags have the potential to turn a perfect bath into a half-bath in no time, and oh mind you, a half-bath has the capability to drown your entire day(pun intended). Here are five issues that can turn a relaxing shower session into a half-bath:

1. You’re Covered In Soap And The Water Decides To Say Ta-Ta

Pretty sure this is the most common issue that anyone might have gone through. Ever been in a shower, humming along to your favourite song as you’re scrubbing yourself all over, and then suddenly, the water decides to subtly bring your merriment to a standstill. *bathing in my tears*

2. You’re All Set For A Hot Water Shower And Then You Realise…

…the geyser’s been off all this while! Oh, the shock! The trauma! Imagine making up your mind for a nice hot water shower, and as soon as you step in for it, you realise your naughty little brain forgot to tell you to switch it on. So much fun even though I told you #NoMoreHalfBath, innit, brain?  

3. You’re In The Mood For A Perfect Shower And Muddy Water Decides To Turn Up

Now, imagine this. You’re filling up a tub full of hot water as you’re brushing your teeth. You finish up, and as you look at the tub, it’s full of coffee. Huh, what? That’s not coffee, my friend, and no, you cannot take a bath in it! Why? Because it’s mud, and you take a bath to clean yourself, not get even dirtier, and trust me, it’s worse than a half bath.

4. You Get Into The Shower And The Water Just Flows At Its Own Convenience 

This is probably the most passive-aggressive issue on this list, because this time, you have everything. The soap. The towel. Clean, hot water. And yet, the water isn’t fast enough for you to even wet your face properly. And the more you try to force the water to flow smoothly, the more stubborn it gets.  

We all know that feeling. And it’s a blessing if water comes in with vigour because you know it makes your soul happy. And the Red Dot Design Award winnerGenie by American Standard is the perfect product to solve this hassle. A revolutionary hand-shower that delivers perfectly even when water pressure is as low as 0.1 bar, Genie combines a pressure-boosting and water-saving technology that ensures #NoMoreHalfBath! And the best part is since it falls under the DIY category and is easy to install, you don’t have to go through the pain of calling in a plumber to get it installed. Not only that, but it also allows easy removal of dirt which keeps it clean as new, and also saves up to 20,000 litres of water in a year for every family. So say hello to #NoMoreHalfBath, with American Standard’s Genie: