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Amongst a host of things that catch every teenage girl’s attention, fashion always seems to top the list. And it is only when you step into college that you truly discover the world of style and experience that liberation.

In my case, even though we had a slightly restrictive dress code of sorts, my friends and I never stopped experimenting with the kind of outfits we could try. Whether it was wearing that floral summer print or trying that funky pair of danglers, each and every girl became a fashionista in her own unique way.

Speaking of college fashion, Ginger by Lifestyle recently launched the #ImperfectlyPerfect campaign that urged all girls to be their confident selves and not bother about the “so-called” flaws. Taking it one step forward, they’ve now come up with a fun initiative, #GingerCampusSquad, for college-going students to share their stylish moments and celebrate the quirks and differences that make them so unique.

A series of interesting events are in the pipeline and the first one kick-started on a high note in Bangalore, that was attended by numerous students and the city’s most popular fashion bloggers. Check it out!

Insta-celeb Kritika Khurana aka @thatbohogirl was the star of the occasion, who shared her journey and tryst with the profession along with some of her “go-to” style tips.

There was a really cool photo booth too where the ladies flaunted their looks and posed with their gal squads.

The girls chatted and discussed a host of things ranging from the latest trends of the season to the quirkiest outfits one can pick for a party. Now that’s a day well spent!

Someone take me back to college!