Did the forgetful-cum-lazy you get the best of you again? Well, we know the crazy last-minute scramble that follows after you realize you have forgotten to buy a wedding gift. Been there and seen the embarrassment monster ourselves.

So what did we do? Well, let’s just say, we didn’t buy stupid candle stands and tea sets in haste, wrapped them up in shiny gift papers and presented them with a stale smile. Nope, we are not that stupid. 

Here are our 5-last minute gift ideas that would not only save you much embarrassment but would also seem carefully thought of. And know what? They are easy on your wallet too. 

1. Lapis-Lazuli Rings for Him and Her

Pieces of jewellery are often frightening to buy. You get the good ones and you cut a big hole in your pocket. You get something artificial, and-guess-what! You are cheap. 


While diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are always in vogue— here is something new for you— lapis lazuli. It is an unearthly beautiful semi-precious stone that was considered prized for many ancient civilizations. A pair of rings for the bride and groom would not only be within your budget and time but something they will cherish all their lives. 

2. Instant Photo Camera

A wedding is inevitably followed by a holiday (read honeymoon) for the couple, which involves sightseeing and innumerable memories worth capturing. For such excursions like a solitary walk along the beach or a cycle trip, what would be better than an instant photo camera?


It is cute, useful and is not exorbitantly priced for you to buy. 

3. Gym Membership Gift Cards

A friend once told me that he gained nothing less than seven kilograms within 2-3 months of his marriage. In fact, a lot of couples gain weight post marriage. So why not show tender care and love for the newly married by gifting them gym membership gift cards? 


They would thank you later.

4. A Cutlery Set

Gone are the times of gifting souvenirs and pretty looking things. The gift that is most prized today is the thing most needed. And what would a new household need more than some shiny, beautiful cutlery? 


A pretty wrapping and a card wishing the newly-weds a healthy life would complete your gift.

5. Money, Beautiful Money

When all is said and done, money is still the all-time best thing you can give as wedding presents. And an envelope is all you need, together with a smile.


They would know what they want most, and they would buy it with the money you give them. What could be better?