Being the lipstick hoarding friend is all fun and games until shit hits the fan. Nobody talks about the mental toll a simple activity like makeup can take on your psychological well being. And what do most of these troubles have in common? The patriarchy. 

Here Are 5 Makeup Struggles Nobody Talks About:

1. Nobody takes you seriously at work

Studies conducted by the Boston Institute have revealed that men find women who don a “professional” amount of makeup in the office to be “capable, reliable, and amiable,” and ultimately, “more competent” than those women who like to experiment with their looks. Ladies, your talent is not proportionate to your makeup preferences. Wearing makeup should be a choice, not a male-directed command. Such toxic prejudices stem from the patriarchal ideology to exert ownership over female bodies. 

2. You’re labeled promiscuous 

The world is quick to tag women who enjoy makeup as a whore for male validation. Respectfully, no. No woman spends hours perfecting her wing to seek assurance from a man, especially when most men do not even understand the skill and effort that goes into the process. The notion that women cannot glam up for themselves suggests that female bodies exist, first and foremost, for the consumption of heterosexual males. It’s just another patriarchal agenda to police women.

3. It’s impossible to find a shade that matches Indian skin

Ever wonder why Indian makeup is so heavy on the eyes? This comes from the age-old battle women of colour continue to live through to find their correct shade. The fight spills on to the 21st century, as the market continues to be dominated by makeup catered to light complexions. Deeper tones are outcasted as they are stashed on the bottom shelves and sidelined from beauty campaigns and launches. India is the land of diversity, yet somehow we can’t seem to get past the allure of fair skin. Women need to be self-taught mixologists and combine two or three shades to find their own colour. Sadly hours are invested in this process because racoon eyes have haunted many a woman’s dreams. 

4. People think you’re crying for attention

You spend hours experimenting with your looks, expressing your art by using your face as a canvas, only for people to berate it as a desperate cry for attention. While many people may not appreciate makeup as an art form, it doesn’t change the fact it is a form of creative expression to convey personalities, experiences and moods.

5. An unhealthy obsession with perfection

There’s a thin line between the desire to look pretty and becoming obsessed with perfection. Your intention behind makeup should be to explore your creativity and play with colours to accentuate your features. But the moment you fanatically fixate on radically altering your appearance, you cross the threshold from passion to obession.