While many may write it off as a wanna-be fashion/style choice, there’s got to be something about the man bun that we keep going back to it, right? In 2015, the man bun and the beard combo was hailed as deadly. And now, half way through 2017, it still makes us drool a little. 

There’s something about the man bun that taps the right vein, awakens our primal instincts and just makes us wonder how in the world anyone would have survived if it wasn’t for the man buns galore. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that. Because in the world we live in, there are so many man buns that are making our lives easier by their aesthetically crafted visual appeal. 

So here’s a look at 20 gorgeous men who have upped their hair game with a man bun: 

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Instagram/Issa Rustom

A brooding man in a man bun sure looks nice. 

Instagram/Mohamed Yousfi

Somebody give him an award already!

Instagram/Nitin Chauhan

Even women know that a messy bun is always the right choice. 

Kristin Image

That is one thick man bun & it sure is making us happy. 


Casual Fridays be so caszh!

Instagram/ Tony Thornburg

A well-suited man with a man bun is always appreciated. 

Instagram/ Vinicius Correa

Sunlight play with a man bun and full beard be so radiant. 

Instagram/Perpetually Beardy

Moustache – On point. Outfit – Top notch. Man bun – Magnifique!

Instagram/ Qudeer Arshad

Well, he certainly knows what a woman wants. Look at that nose ring.


When nature is at its best and you’ve got a killer man bun to pose with. 


Rockin’ the man bun since 1969! 

Instagram/Juank Halliwell

Looking back at haters be like! 

Instagram/ Jaaf

A beautiful beard, a man bun and two alluring eyes. If this is not God’s handiwork, what is? 

Instagram/Karel Ryckeboer

Have you ever seen a sad man with a man bun? No, right? Man bun makes everyone happy. 

Instagram/Juan Elena

With a man bun as beautiful as this, any one would have a smile on their face. 

Instagram/Mert-Alp Orhan

Now that’s lumbersexual done right! 

Instagram/Eduardo Peterson

Finding eternal bliss in the bun. 


This man bun be so suave! 

Instagram/ David Bonnefoi

We truly believe that man buns have magical properties. 

Instagram/ Lasse

Have we convinced you that man buns are making the world so much better and that they deserve your love?