Manish Malhotra is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. He’s not only known for his vibrant designs and high-end range of cosmetics, but he’s also pretty much the stipulated designer for all A-List Bollywood celebrities. 

But, besides cladding celebs in fineries, Manish Malhotra has now taken up designing clothes for the Mounted Unit of the Mumbai Police.

Mumbai Police recently posted a small clip about the return of the Mounted Police Unit.

Talking about the intricacy of the uniform, the designer added, 

The uniform is a short sherwani which is hand embroidered with threadwork on chest and sleeves. It has elaborate shoulder epaulettes that make it look royal. It is paired with the traditional Maratha warrior pagdi with a gold dori wrapped around it and has traditional Indian breeches as a pair of bottoms. There’s a gold sash and a red velvet cummerband that all sums up to be a royal policemen look on the horse

But looks like Twitter users weren’t quite pleased with the uniform and even compared it to the colonial era. 

The Mounted Police is returning back to Mumbai after 88 years.