If we ask women about that one makeup item that they just cannot leave at home, we are likely to hear the word ‘Mascara’ multiple times. Though an essential, applying it is not as basic as it may appear. There are definitely some slip-ups taking place in the process of applying it. So, how to get it right and make the lashes perfect without those tuff marks of smudges all around? Scroll down to find out common mistakes you are likely making while applying mascara and how you can fix it.  

1. Using the mascara wand horizontally only 

Okay! We know that wiggling the mascara wand at the base of the lashes is a classic technique of applying it and we are not saying that it is wrong. However, in addition to it, you should also use your mascara wand vertically to give your lashes a proper coat. 

How To Fix: Use the wand in a windshield wiper motion along the roots of the lashes.  


2. Using only one mascara for curling, lengthening and volumizing  

Layering is very important to get the perfect mascara look. However, not every mascara can give the lashes curls, length, and volume. 

How To Fix: Buy a couple of mascaras, each catering to a particular need, Apply a coat of volumizing mascara and let it dry. Then, put on a lengthening or curling formula on top as per your priority.  


3. Only coating the bottom of the lashes 

Typically, when we apply a coat of mascara, we only focus on coating the bottom part of our lashes. Doing this will weigh the lash down and will not give it that attractive and alluring feel. 

How To Fix: Use the wand to brush on down on the top side of the upper lash and then coat all the sides. Then brush the lash back up.


4. Curling the lashes after applying the mascara 

Curling your lashes after applying the mascara is a big ‘NO’. Doing so can make you lose your lashes. 

How To Fix: Always curl your lashes before applying your mascara to avoid the funky and sharp bent curls.  

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5. Not applying concealer on the lids  

One of the most annoying thing about applying mascara is the smudges it can leave on the lids while it is drying up. Using makeup remover to get rid of the stains is still a solution but not for the eyelids.

How To Fix: Use an eye primer or concealer on the lid before applying the mascara.  


6. Trying to coat the root of the lashes with a huge wand  

Getting the roots of your lashes close to the lash line can be a hard task with a big and oversized mascara wand. 

How To Fix: Opt for an angular, flat brush to coat the root of the lashes.  

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7. Trying to coat the tiny lashes while looking down 

As per the classic mascara application technique, looking down into a mirror or tilting the chin up is the best way to coat the lashes. In reality, you should be looking in all directions to set the mascara properly. 

How To Fix: Look up when applying mascara on the lower lashes, down when applying it on top lashes and side to side when applying it in the inner and outer area. 


8. Applying another layer of mascara at the end of the day

Mascara is nothing like a blush or lipstick that can be easily reapplied at the end of the day. Unless you have the time to redo your entire face, never apply another layer of mascara. 

How To Fix: Invest in a defining brush and use to on your lashes when you need a mid-day mascara boost.  


9. Not separating the lashes after applying mascara 

The mascara spider lashes look dramatic only on a runway. However, in real life, not separating your lashes after applying mascara can give your lashes a hard and sharp look. 

How To Fix: Use a lash comb to spread out your lashes after your mascara dries for a natural look.  


10. Pumping the wand in the tube to get the mascara 

A very common way to take mascara on the wand is by putting the wand back and forth into the tube. However, this can dry out your mascara real quick. 

How To Fix: Twist the wand inside the tube to get the mascara on.  


11. Not wipping off excess product from the mascara wand 

When you pull the wand from the tube, you actually have way more mascara on it than you need. This can totally overload your lashes and can ruin your perfect mascara look. 

How To Fix: Wipe off some of the mascara from the wand with the help of cotton or wet tissue. 


12.Trying to clean the mistakes too soon  

When you get a little mascara on your skin, let it sit. Rubbing it off immediately will smear it all across your skin, creating an even bigger mess.

How To Fix: Wait for a little and let the product to dry. Then use your nail to lightly scratch it off. 


13. Using a collection of old mascaras for too long  

While you think using old mascaras are fine until they haven’t crossed their expiry date , you probably should not do it as it becomes lumpy with time because of airflow. 

How To Fix: Do not hold on to open mascaras for any longer than 6 months.


May your lashes be long and gorgeous.