The world of fashion and modeling can be a cruel place. Modeling in most parts of the world is not known to be age friendly, the older you get and the chances of you finding yourself sprinting on the runway are very little. 

Beauty is subjective, right? And how can we define beauty in such limited terms? Trying to break away from how we view beauty, a modeling agency, Oldushka, in Moscow is on a mission to hire only models above the age of 45. Yes, plenty of grey hair and wrinkles, because beauty only improves with age, doesn’t it?

Look at these spectacularly elegant faces. 

Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 

The agency hires models from the age of 45 and represents people of ages till 85. Beauty in diversity, right?

Sergey Arctica, 45

Valentina Yasen, 62

The brainchild of photographer Igor Gavar, the agency is setting new benchmarks in an industry that considers the ‘young’ sexy. 

Age doesn’t mean a thing. 

Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 

Valentina Yasen, 62

Ageing gracefully. These faces speak of the time lived and the time to come. 


You can’t define people by age. 

Irina, 78

They are old, free and restless.

This agency is helping open up opportunities for older models in the world of fashion and making it more inclusive. Embrace your wrinkles and grey hair and live life to the fullest. 

H/T: Oldushka/Instagram