We are locked up in our homes right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue with your skincare regime. We are going to share some DIY face masks which you can very easily make at home, relying on ingredients easily available in our kitchen.  

Before you begin make sure, you blend ingredients together to form a thick paste, then apply to clean and dry skin. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. 

So, let’s get started. 

1. The Banana Face Mask  


It not only helps with pigmentation and scars but also gives a very natural, healthy glow. 

1 Mashed Banana 

1 TSP Honey 
1/2 TSP Turmeric Powder 

2. Egg and Oatmeal Mask 


It’s best suited for people with oily skin. It not only helps in targeting the oily regions of your face but also helps smoothening and tightening of the skin. 

1 egg yolk 

1 TSP honey 
1 TSP olive oil 
1/2 cup oatmeal 

3. Honey and Citrus Mask 


Looking for a quick fix to give dull skin a bright and pretty glow? This mask will give you an instant glow and brighten your skin. 

3 TSP Lemon juice 

4 TSP honey 

4. Potato Mask 


This mask will leave your face feeling oh-so-smooth and supple. 

1/2 cup potato juice 

4-5 TSP Yogurt 

5. Gram Flour/Besan Mask 


This mask provides you with an instant glow and tightens your pores. 

2 TSP Gram Flour/Besan

2 TSP Yogurt 

6. Yogurt Mask 


This mask is the best to hydrate your dull skin. 

2 TSP Yogurt 

1 TSP Turmeric Powder 

After you are done don’t forget to moisturise your face well. 

Note: Please, do a test patch before you apply it on your skin.