Are you also a seasoned traveler like me? Then you are in the right luggage bag! The experience of each traveler is different based completely on his or her likings and preferences but one place where wanderlust from every corner comes in synchronization is when it is time to get a passport cover. Here’s a list of 8 quirky passport covers that will not cost much but look like a million bucks. 

1. Indian-Themed Passport Holder

Price – ₹795

This color-filled passport by Intelligent Idiots is inspired by the potpourri of India. 

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Intelligent Idiots

 2. Travel Everywhere Blue Passport Cover

Price – ₹850

Designed and manufactured by Thathing, this blue passport cover has on it what we all travel enthusiasts have in our heart. I want to travel everywhere! 

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 3. Mad(e) in India Passport Holder

Price –  ₹800

Hold it with pride as you are ‘made in India’ but also tell the world in a subtle way that you so want to travel overseas. 

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 4. Dance Vibes Passport Holder

Price –  ₹950

We all love the quirky stuff from Chumbak and this passport holder is what we are crushing over right now because, why not? That’s how we groove when we hear ‘trip’. 

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 5. Travel and Chill Passport Cover

Price – ₹700

One of the picks from the amazing collection of The Messy Corner is the ‘Travel and Chill’ passport cover. 

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The Messy Corner

 6. Indian Stamp Passport Holder

Price – ₹990

Be a ‘Bharat Tourism’ promoter with this beautiful passport holder.

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Mad In India

 7. Glittering Gold Passport Wallet

Price – ₹900

Stand out from the crowd with this blingy passport cover.

 Available at PropShop24 

PropShop 24

So, the next time you travel, clear customs in style!