Just when you thought you’ve heard it all in terms of fashion trends, the fashion world throws you off track with yet another bizarre style. Even before we could come to terms with the fake mud jeans, there’s another really ‘interesting’ trend that’s doing the rounds in the fashion world. 

Well, say hello to plastic jeans! 

Glamour UK

Can barely see them? Well, same here.

We’re sitting here wondering about the logistics. 

Are they comfortable? 

How do these jeans affect people who sweat too much? 

And most importantly, WHAT exactly is the point of wearing them?


This isn’t even some sick kind of joke by the fashion community. It’s actually happening! But if they do become a trend, we don’t really know what to pair them with.

Janny Mealy/Twitter

While you’re still scratching your head over this, Twitter is already abuzz with the idea:

That is quite a price for an infection. USD 100 or Rs.6429 for a pair of jeans is a little too much!

This fellow has suggested a great solution to all that expenditure.

Well, we’re equally unhappy with our generation after looking at this trend.

Word of advice: Stop trying to make clear plastic jeans happen. They won’t happen.