Since eons, women have been objectified, sexualised and used to sell various products. From men’s perfumes to burgers, they have bared it all to sell products that weren’t even meant for women. 

Why? Because sex, sexuality and objectification of naked bodies can apparently sell anything. 

Source: Adweek

Sui Studio, an exclusive women’s design studio recently came out with a never-seen-before ad campaign. 

In the campaign titled, ‘Not Dressing Men’, instead of just using women to showcase their clothes, they used naked men as well. Albeit, just as an accessory. 

Rings a bell? 

The campaign is supposedly a dig at advertising that uses women and their bodies to sell products. 

How appropriate is it? Well, we can’t say. But it has definitely got some people riled up.

Some have expressed their concern about how this reverse sexism is not right. 

And that women or brands shouldn’t use double standards to drive a point home. 

However, a lot of people are loving the smell of sweet revenge that seems to pervade the air. 

While we understand that reverse sexism and objectification of men is not the right course to change or subvert patriarchy, women have been objectified since forever. And sometimes, people only notice the sexism when the roles are reversed.  

What do you feel about this unconventional ad? 

All images from Sui Studio