Would you believe me if I told you that you could own a Sabyasachi ensemble in your H&M budget? Like you won’t have to spend your life savings to get something that’s designed by Sabyasachi? Well, Sabyasachi in collaboration with H&M is all set to make every broke Millenials’ dreams come true. 


THIS IS NOT A DRILL AND NO YOU AREN’T DREAMING, THE GODS OF COUTURE HAVE FINALLY ANSWERED ALL OUR PRAYERS. Sabyasachi has officially announced his colaboration with H&M yesterday. 

With his glamorous sequin, chic threadwork, ethinic paisley and the signature metallic Bengal Tiger Sabyasachi is all set to weave an everyday-wear clothing line, while giving us the crossover of our dreams. 

The collection will be a perfect melange of luxury with practical, every-day comfortable clothing and is all set to launch on April 16th in selective flagship stores in India and across the world. 

With an aim to democratise fashion, Sabya has found the sweet spot between couture and ready-to-wear. Vogue gave us a little glimpse of his whimsical fantasy: 

I am happy to announce the collaboration with H&M as it allows us the opportunity to share the Sabyasachi aesthetic to a wider audience in India and worldwide. Having done couture for the majority of my career, it is very exciting to bring that finesse and craft to ‘ready-to-wear’ and to create whimsical and fluid silhouettes that bring relaxed sophistication to everyday life. 

This is exactly how we’re waiting for the collection of our dreams: 


BRB, thanking the universe to get me the affordable, designer wardrobe of our dreams.