In association with Nautica

Finally, the season of pleasant sunlight, quiet breeze, and everything sweet and foggy is here. Winters really do have everyone’s heart. Everything seems slow and steady, yet mysterious in a glowing light during the season. And what better than a cool breeze to stand and stare at the beautiful advancements of nature and mankind? This season also marks the peak for adventures, errands, vacations, and most importantly fashion! This pleasant season is all we need to make up our mind and set out on our own quest into the unknown. And that is exactly what the dashing Shahid Kapoor is urging us to do in the new #FeelAliveWithNautica campaign film.

That’s right, Nautica is out with their new Autumn/Winter collection and an interesting campaign to back it up. #FeelAliveWithNautica talks about clearing the dust off our inner desires and setting out towards achieving them. The campaign film showcases this thought beautifully. In the video, we get to see Shahid Kapoor giving major fashion goals, dressed in Nautica’s latest A/W collection.

The video starts with a curious Shahid fumbling through books and maps. He looks out into the horizon and decides to set on his own adventure. He packs up a bag and sets out on a quest, dripping in style! The video depicts the grand and premium tonality of the brand in the perfect sense while setting a tone for the adventurous theme.

And again, who can get enough of Shahid and his curious quest for style?! He clearly invites us to set out on our own exploration this season. But before you start packing, how about a major winter fashion upgrade with Nautica’s all new Autumn/Winter collection that consists of classy yet functional styles like polo t-shirts, sweatshirts, puffers, lightweight jackets, etc. The collection highlights trends and grandeur in everything it has to offer, so the navigator in you can be adorned in all glory!

So, what are you waiting for? Join Shahid and follow your curiosity into the unknown this winter season with #FeelAliveWithNautica! And before you go, check out Nautica’s amazing collection and the super interesting campaign film here