Ever woke up to an unpleasant acne that just popped out to greet you in the morning?

Okay puberty, you may take your demons back, they successfully marked their territory. And look, I’ve flourished into a fine-looking 22-year old guy who’s still dealing with your unpleasant remains, AKA, acne. Slow claps for you puberty or you, my stressful work hours. There’s no assured explanation to why a man’s face keeps breaking out even after puberty, but if you are at a stage where you are battling acne, here are 7 things you’d agree with.   

1. Some days, you just don’t feel like embracing your facial topography.

I know it’s hard to constantly battle with acne, all the while accepting them as mere flaws. If you have ever endured these self-esteem destroying demons that constantly make you crave for clear skin, it gets hard to look in the mirror sometimes. *feels*   

2. Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE acts like a self-acclaimed dermatologist.

“You should clean your pillow”, “drinks lots and lots and lots of water and flush out those toxins”, “eat fresh veggies and fruits, your diet needs alteration”. Heard these totally unsolicited self-care beauty tips? None of ’em worked, right?  

3. Ever shaved acne-prone face? Felt the burn later?

So many problems, but no solution. Much wow! The fear of pimple bursting with a razor is the reason most men stick to trimming, as it gets hard to clean-shave when you’re dealing with a breakout. Give it to your bro for stumbling upon Gillette SkinGuard with which you can comfortably shave over a pimple .This razor has a unique SkinGuard which minimizes contact between your skin and the blades, thus giving you a smooth shave. SkinGuard is truly designed to love your skin as much as you do. So don’t be afraid of trying a fun moustache, the cool new French-beard or sport a clean-shaven look- because this razor will let you shave over all your skin problems. 

4. Don’t touch them! Don’t touch them! DO… Pop! Yes, we all end up popping one.

It’s the first thing you notice in the mirror, and the last thing that you wish would remain in your life. Pimple-popping is just one way to vent out all our aggression and murdering those unpleasant looking demons, but they do die? NO.

It is actually the ultimate way we remind ourselves how little self-control we possess. *sigh*   

5. Buying a new anti-acne face wash and thinking it’ll do wonders..

If I had a rupee for every time I bought a new face wash hoping that this one will actually work, I’d be a lakhpati. There’s something about people with troubled skin that they keep buying random soaps, face wash with salicylic acid and over-the-counter drugs to treat their acne only to find out that now it’s even worse.  

6. You resent people with clear skin..

You’re doing better than your third cousin but still he’s killing it like nobody, ’cause THAT SPOTLESS FACE! I know it’s hard to not resent someone with spotless face when all you’re doing in life is pestering your search engines to find out the best possible acne remedy.  

7. When you’re having a great skin week…

Sure those weeks don’t align with any major get together, college parties or even your pet’s birthday, but those days do give you hope that you’re headed towards clear skin. 

I’m glad to knock off at least one acne trouble for y’all. Thank me in the comments below!  

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