The trend of sunglasses doesn’t seems to stop. It continues to rule in our lives forever and majority of its credit goes to Bollywood. We keep getting sunglasses inspirations from characters like Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg, Raj from DDLJ, and many more. Aviators, round, big orange sunglasses are some of the common types of eyewear that we have witnessed in films over the years.

And we have to admit sunglasses make us look cool and stylish. Other than aviators or round, there are plenty of sunglasses available in the market such as cat eye, oval, square, hexagonal to name a few. However, the question that pops up in our mind before buying sunglasses is: will it fit on our face? Size issues are a major concern for many of us out there and this is why we opt to try them on stores rather than buying online.

A girl with small face wearing round sunglasses. Image credits: Fashionista

Now, what if we say there are many sunglasses available online based on the shape of your face? For those of you, who have small faces and often get disappointed for not finding appropriate sunglasses, fret not, this Amazon list will surely help you.

We present you seven best sunglasses for small faces that you can shop on Amazon:

1.Elegante Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: ₹367

These Elegante cat eye sunglasses for women are the first option that we have in the list. If you are searching for small sunglasses, then go for it. This pair having golden frame and black lenses will give you retro vibes. Not just for small faces, these sunglasses will fit to medium ones too. It has a UV400 protection and is ideal for driving, party, beach or hill station.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

2. TBOP Metal Oval Small Screen Sunglasses for Unisex: ₹718

These TBOP sunglasses are made for both men and women who have small faces. The oval eyewear have black frame and grey glasses. The width and height of the frame are 50mm and 24mm respectively. These sunglasses are ideal wear for cycling, driving, shopping, travelling, and hiking purposes. This pair features HD polarised lenses which filters out harmful rays of the sun.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

3. Dervin Square Metal Body Kabir Singh Sunglass for Men: ₹321

This one is for those who loved Shahid Kapoor’s square sunglasses in Kabir Singh. These Kabir Singh-inspired Dervin sunglasses are suitable for men who have small and medium faces. The face shapes on which it looks best includes diamond, heart, oval, round, and square. While the frame colour is silver, the lens is black.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

4. JIM HALO Small Polarized Round Sunglasses for Women: ₹999

These Jim Halo small polarised round sunglasses are designed for women. The vintage eyewear has frame made up of metal alloy. These lightweight sunglasses have silicon nose pads which can be adjusted as per the need. The polarised feature in this pair has the ability to block 100 per cent of both UVA and UVB rays. You can wear these sunglasses during driving, fishing, trekking, etc.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

5. AUGEN By Visions India Retro Vintage Abstract Unisex Sunglasses: ₹349

These Augen sunglasses are another option for you to buy. The small-sized retro vintage pair is unisex and has UV400 protection. While the frame is of grey colour, the lens is black. These anti-reflective sunglasses also block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays which are harmful for the eyes. The eyewear is suitable for every climatic condition.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

6. John Jacobs Full Rim Hexagonal Unisex Stylish Sunglasses: ₹1,602

If you have a budget of around 1000 to 1500 bucks, then these John Jacobs sunglasses are your go-to option. These small hexagonal-shaped sunglasses are designed for both men & women. The lenses are scratch-resistant. It blocks 100 per cent harmful UV rays up to 400nm. The sunglasses have silicon nose pads and German hinges.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

7. SOJOS Polarized Sunglasses for Women & Men: ₹1,199

These SOJOS polarised sunglasses for both men and women are the last one in the list. These small round sunglasses made up of stainless steel have tortoise-themed metal frame and grey lens. The pair also protect eyes from long-term damage by blocking 100 per cent of harmful UV rays. It is ideal for sports activities, shopping, driving, and much more.

You can buy these sunglasses by clicking or tapping the link here.

Grab these deals right now before it’s too late. Toodles.

Note: All images of the sunglasses are taken for Amazon.