The Internet is a weird, weird place. It’s full of memes, unsolicited opinions, viral challenges, and social media trends that change every second. The latest one to join the bandwagon are cryptic photos of celebs hiding their faces. Now, where is this trend headed? Is the Internet conspiring to make it a ‘thing’ just like the fish pout selfie? Or is this Harlem Shake 2.0, sans all the shaking and dancing? 

Pimple popping, fire challenge, funeral selfies, furry nails… The list of bizarre Internet trends is longer than you could ever imagine, my friend. 

Take cues from these celebs and find out exactly what this trend is about. 

One can tell by looking at Karan Wahi’s eyes that there’s a big mystery behind all these covered faces. *chills*

Well, Gurmeet Choudhary has got no chill! Who nails a social media challenge as well as a kickass safety campaign all at once? Kudos, bro! 

Is this Shakti Arora’s new way of supporting the Clean India campaign or is it something else? I can’t take the mystery no more!  

Abhishek Verma is pulling off Lady Gaga’s Telephone-esque look. Is he dropping hints? Is Mother Monster behind all this? 

#KuchWeirdHai, guys! After hours of head-scratching and frantic Internet searching, I came to this conclusion that only the digital gods can help me solve the mystery behind this trend. Oh, but first, let me cover my face and post a selfie on the ‘gram. Cheers!