From being bullied for having “weird” hair in the class to embracing these unruly locks, my curly hair and I have come a long way. 

You might not realise how much work it takes to keep your hair in check if you weren’t born with curls. Of course, we hear how jealous people are of our natural curls after years of frustrating days and countless curly-hair methods, but it isn’t always peachy. 

But if you have curly hair, you understand exactly what I’m talking about and can relate to these struggles.

1. People ask you all the time if it is your natural hair. For the last time, Yes! And, no, it isn’t a wig. 

2. Strangers simply want to touch your hair. We appreciate all of your compliments. But, unless it’s my mother, no one can touch my hair without my permission.  

3. Shampoo alone isn’t enough. You need tons of products. And they’re ridiculously pricey. So, it’s either food or good hair days; the choice is yours.

4. Your conditioner bottle always empties far sooner than your shampoo bottle. Also, a travel-size conditioner is a sham.

5. When you put your hair in a ponytail, it remains put. There is no going back now.

6. But buns are real lifesavers. They’re a go-to hairstyle that makes you look super fly.

7. You obsess over your hair every time you have an important event. If we say it keeps us awake at night, we’re not exaggerating.

8. To step out with dry hair, you must accurately plan the time you take a shower. Alternatively, you can just walk out with water trickling from your ends, and act like it is normal. 

9. Hairbrushes aren’t one of our closest allies. They’re downright nasty. It is the WORST idea to brush dry hair. But it is much worse when you tell curly-haired people to “just brush it.”

10. At some point in your life, your hair must have been compared to some sort of noodles. FYI, that is a totally unfunny joke. 

11. And I’m sure you wished for straight hair after that. We all have had that phase. 

12. The constant dread of not having a hair tie because your hair picks how to behave each day. 

13. You’ll never be able to pull off bangs, no matter how hard you try. Oh! how I wanted to look like those K-drama characters for once.

14. The way you sleep is dependent on how you want your hair to look the next day. Even silk pillowcases and scarves don’t always work.

15. Nothing feels better than having long discussions with your curly-haired friends about which products work best. 

16. If you get a wrong haircut, you’ll have to stick with it for at least a year. Curly hair takes forever to grow, and one hasty snip of the scissors might turn you into a poodle.

17. It’s more difficult to find an ideal hairdresser than it is to find true love in this world.

18. And, unlike most hairdressers, an ideal one will never ask you to straighten your hair. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER.

19. It is NOT romantic for us to have someone run their fingers through our hair (you will die). It’s a terrifying thought. Why can’t we have that!

20. Either there are no curly-haired people in movies or television shows, or you are the “ugly girl” in need of a makeover.

But once you master the art of taming those curly tresses (after years of hard work and tears, of course), you’ll never want it any other way.