In association with Mango India

The world is becoming a better place everyday. As a result, one major change revolves around how we are embracing inclusivity and equality in every aspect of life. But what about fashion? Isn’t it one of the few spaces where the representation and inclusion of men has only recently gained importance? That being said, styling and fashion for men is finally evolving for good. But it also comes with its own twists: Men have been styled with the bare minimum thought through the years. Thus, the new flair for fashion and a necessity to look well styled can be quite challenging. So what do our good men do? Well, gentlemen and gentlemen, presenting…Mango Man!

Mango has been the ultimate stop for classy, chic, and effortlessly comfortable fashion for a long time. And now, the brand has extended its subtle styles to launch a well curated collection for Men in India. Not only that, the brand has also collaborated with actor Rahul Khanna to create a bomb launch film for this SS’23 Mango Man collection!

As the face of the brand for SS’23 Mango Man collection, Rahul Khanna can be seen sporting the classy and contemporary looks curated by Mango with ease and attitude in the film. The film features Rahul in four looks from the Mango Man collection against a subtle yet hip neutral canvas. From dressy suits, to funky tees, to sober shirts, to cool casual denims, the looks keep getting better and hotter (and so does Rahul)!

The overall tonality of the video connects back to the sheer classy and subtle image of the brand while giving us a pop of colour and style in the pieces as usual. From bright lines and funky cuts, to subtle olives and slender fits, Mango Man has something for every man!

The collection features handpicked styles for modern men. The pieces look professional, sensibly styled, and effortlessly functional. The brand has also focused on leaving space for personal touches for anyone who wishes to get creatively involved in their own style. One can also accessorise their picks with the cool accessories that come with the collection.

The SS’23 Mango Man is literally all you’ll need this summer. The collection is available online. The brand is also launching a store in Indiranagar, Bangalore soon. And for people living in Delhi NCR, you can just grab your wallets and walk right into DLF Avenue, Saket for an in store spring summer wardrobe upgrade! So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping! And click here to check the video out!