All of us have a favourite shirt or a pair of denim that we just can’t wear anymore. Either the colour fades away or they don’t fit you or they just become old. 

So, what do we do? Do we just throw them away or is there an alternative? 

Since, we are locked up in our houses, there is enough time to get check up on those old clothes and get creative with them.  

So, with a little craftiness, your old clothes can be made into something eclectic and useful things. 


1. Make soft toys out of them 

soft toy
Source: sewenir

2. One can also create coffee cosies to keep your favourite coffee mugs safe. 

coffee cosies
Source: mommypotamus


1. From torn or unfitted jeans, you can make napkins for the kitchen or a toy for your dog. 

Source: goodhousekeeping
pet toy
Source: pinterest

2. Make handy little craft bins for holding supplies. 

craft bins
Source: pinterest


1. Make warm socks out of old sweaters. 

warm socks
Source: youtube

2. Not only sofa or sitting covers but, you can turn your sweaters into cute caps too. 

woolen covers
Source: pinterest
woolen caps
Source: threadsmagazine

Check Shirts 

1. With check shirts, you can make scarves, bags, tablecloths, vest coats etc. and use them again. 

table cloth
Source: zederpo
tote bags
Source: etsy


1. You can turn them into baby hats. 

baby hats
Source: prettyprudent

2. T-shirts can be the perfect tote bags. 

tote bags
Source: 100directions


1. Get a little crafty and repaint or redesign your footwear as per your taste. 

Source: rakuten


1. Make cute little soft toys out of these gloves for kids. 

soft toys
Source: pinterest
soft toys
Source: pinterest


1. If you love taking photographs and have a camera then you can make a camera strap with a scarf. 

camera strap
Source: bluebirdchic

2. Give your denim shirts a new boho look with your old scarfs. 

denim shirt
Source: scoopwhoop


1. Cut the sleeves of your old coats and hey, you have a new coat now. 

Source: aliexpress

2. Rework on your old coats using stones and stuff. 

Source: pinterest


1. Make an outfit for your little pets out of these. 

pet cloth
Source: thethriftycouple


1. Make pillow covers with your old shirts. 

pillow covers
Source: happyathome

2. You can reuse your shirt to make a coin wallet. 

coin wallet
Source: pinterest

Get crackin’ now with these great ideas.