Fashion and comfort scarcely go together. But apparently there are times when fashion becomes hazardous to health. You’ll be surprised to know all these fashion thingies you’ve been using and trusting daily, but they were Satan in disguise of angels. 

1. High-heel shoes end up putting a strain on your joints.

Okay, so first of all, we don’t think the makers of pointy high-heel shoes have encountered feet in real life, ’cause dude they ain’t triangular from the tip, kay?

In an interview with Dailymail, Dell-Maree, a skeletal therapist and leading posture expert, said- 

“Standing for hours on end at a cocktail party can create a lot of strain on your joints and muscles when your feet are not flat on the floor with your weight distributed easily.”

2. Poorly-fitted bras lead to back ache and make your shoulders slouch.

Many women pay zero attention to the fitting of their bras, which leads to back ache, stooping of breasts or dis-figuration of breasts, especially in growing stage. Thin straps also pull your shoulders forward. Ek bra, sau bimaar, folks.

Source- Dailymail.


3. Humongous handbags cause a slanted and disfigured posture.

As hip and happening as these bulbous bulk of leather look on us, they lead to stooping of your shoulder. Heavy one-shoulder bags lead to slanted, and disfigured posture.

It ain’t good, obvio. So, declutter yo bag, folks. Or use a back-pack.


4. Skinny, or low-rise jeans restrict movement and affect posture in the long run.

Yep. Tight jeans are also a devil in disguise. Welcome to this world, people. Sab dhokha hai. So these skinny jeans, for which you did all those squats, actually restrict your movement. In the long term, they also affect your posture, and cause problems in the neck and back. Read what Dell Maree says-

“Low-rise jeans can drag your pelvis almost backwards, which is really bad for your sacroiliac joints – the hardworking joints of your sacrum that are connected to your ilium bones by strong ligaments.”

5. Shapewear causes heartburn, and puts pressure on your organs.

What the Kardashians did to us – shapewear. We are influenced to have that flat-toned belly, resulting in ordering that curvy shapewear online in high hopes. So ya, shocker, squeezing your innards like that ain’t good. Leads to heartburn, restricts breathing, and puts pressure on your organs in a not so good way.


6. Tight belts restrict breathing and may lead to heartburn.

Works detrimentally in the same way as tight shapewear- regular use of tight belts causes problems in breathing, squeezes your belly and may even lead to heartburn. No matter how cool they make our dresses and skirts look, they are also snakes that we thought were our friends. Come, let’s sob.


7. Chemicals in clothes are harmful for the skin and cause rashes and other skin problems.

All the dyes and chemicals that are used in processing our fave clothes, are actually harmful for our skin, and might be the cause of that rash you’ve been complaining about. It’s better to stick to natural fabrics, as much as possible, okay? Okay.


So, friends, while occasional use of these fashion products is still pretty chill, let’s refrain from using them daily, for our own sake. Health first. Sunflower emojis.