Just when I thought I couldn’t scream my fear of shaving… Err… razor bumps any louder, SkinGuard came out with the most snappy and amusing ‘shaving anthem’ that solves all our shaving woes. Kudos to Gillette for backing it up with some talented folks who make us chuckle throughout the video.    

I was already rooting for SkinGuard razor as the best shaving expert and boy! It now has its own shaving anthem…   

“Not the memos, not the meetings, not the files… I fear shaving.”  

Well, we all do sometimes. Don’t we? It’s the sight of a razor that makes us uncomfortable.  

Kenny Sebastian with a lathered face has truth bombs to drop! 

And those days when the skin is happy, we feel like going out and catching up on all the social gatherings we missed out during those red, bumpy face days. You know, not all men experience hunky-dory adventures while shaving. 

Turns out, Gillette SkinGuard has got us covered guys! 

Gillette SkinGuard is one grooming expert that should be in every guy’s cabinet. Take a leaf out of Aditya Seal’s grooming book and cop a razor that’s designed to love your skin! SkinGuard reduces the pressure on your skin and makes shaving a comfortable experience. No pain, no cuts!  

Hello, happy skin days!  

In association with #SkinGuard