Amidst the debate of ‘Fleeting fashion trends of 2017’, we are going gaga over the wine-red hair color embraced by the masses this year. The vibrant color is not only beautiful, but also goes hand in hand with the bold 21st century woman. 

Here are some utterly gorgeous pictures of the trend that’ll convince you to take the plunge and go red this season:  

1. Make a statement with this too-glam-to-give-a-damn look. 

2. Bold red on that short bob. 

3. See how royal this looks. 

4. How can this ever go wrong?

5. Be the showstopper that you are at parties.

6. You can rock any hairstyle in this stunning color.

7. Amp up your waves game in this gorgeous shade…

8. …And look pretty, without even trying.

9. That gorgeous red mane deserves a head turn!

10. You can rock those curls in this cheerful color.

11. You’re wanting to go red by now, aren’t you? 

It looks equally good on both short and long hair. 

7. Compliment your straight hair with the red hue. 

Images via Pinterest