Surgical strikes, bans on artistes and movies, the country is going through a lot of stress these days. Amidst all the tension and hot-blooded debates, we came across an utterly disgusting Facebook translation. 

Someone discovered a disturbing Facebook translation while discussing tech bugs on 4chan. We asked one of our writers to try it out and here is the result.

As soon as you click on See Translation, you see a sickening case of Islamophobia which is done by none other than Facebook. It is one of the most appalling translation fails we have ever seen on social media. 

Needless to say, this 'bug' needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This is way more than just a problematic error in code. We don't know why this problem exists but it is truly outrageous.


We contacted Facebook about the same and this is what they had to say - 

"The translation of posts happens using an automated system. Our translations team looked into the issue, and in this case found a bug in the way our system filters profanity that caused a portion of the post to be translated incorrectly. The team has corrected the translation, and is actively working on new ways to ensure that bad translations like this happen as infrequently as possible."