Alongside the explosive rise in crypto trading and the advent of its normalisation has been an uptick in videos on YouTube by people who seem to understand the elusive currency better. There are a bunch of highly respected cryptocurrency ‘influencers’, for want of a better term, who give advice as well as explain the market and all its volatile leanings. Here are a few you can follow.

1. Aditya Singh (Crypto India)

One of the most popular online crypto advisers for the Indian market would be this YouTube channel, where Aditya Singh regularly speaks on the pros and cons of holding, investing and other crypto terms that I don’t fully understand. Check it out!  

2. Honestly by Tanmay Bhatt

While his comedic side is on full display via the many streams and show reviews he does online, Tanmay Bhatt also runs a YouTube channel focusing on money, some of which pertains to cryptocurrency. It’s an entertaining way to learn the basics of the trade. 

3. Pushpendra Singh Digital

Another Indian individual who is actively involved in and regularly posts videos around crypto is Pushpendra Singh, who you can follow on YouTube as well as Instagram for advice on whether that dogecoin purchase was a good idea.

4. Vitalik Buterin

He’s the co-founder of Ethereum, and one of the world’s youngest crypto billionaires, with an estimated net worth of $21 billion. So yeah, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, wherever you can.

5. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin’s Youtube bio says this – ‘You have just jumped into the cryptoverse, which provides high quality cryptocurrency education to those who want to dive deeper into the metrics’. Intimidating, but also highly intriguing. This guy is a math wiz who regularly makes crypto videos.

6. Charlie Lee

Lee is a computer scientist, founder of Litecoin, and a reliable crypto guru who’s also worked with Coinbase. He regularly posts about the market on his socials, so be sure to check him out.

7. Erik Voorhees

Voorhees founded the crypto exchange platform ShapeShift, and also co-founded the Bitcoin wallet Coinapult. With all this experience, he’s becoming the go-to guy for crypto advice, which he dishes out on Twitter and the like.

8. Altcoin Sara

Sara discusses crypto-related news and offers market analysis through her channel Altcoin Buzz Ladies. Check it out!

9. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

One of the most popular names in the crypto world, this Greek-British blockchain guru has written books such as Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies and Mastering Ethereum. He also runs a YouTube channel called  aantonop which provides crypto advice.

10. Nicholas Merten

Merten is a crypto analyst and the founder of DataDash, a YouTube channel that helps you understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

The perfect people to guide you through crypto!

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