From Parag Agrawal becoming the CEO of Twitter to an Indian company acquiring a foreign brand, Indians take great pride in accomplishments made by fellow Indians. Recently, Reliance acquired major stakes in a Manhattan luxury hotel, Mandarin Oriental New York. So, we decided to have a look at famous foreign brands owned by Indian companies.

5 Famous Foreign Brands Owned By Indian Businesses

1. Hamleys Is Owned By Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance acquired Hamleys, a British multinational toy retailer in July 2019. The favourite kid’s destination is now owned by an Indian brand. 

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2. Royal Enfield Is Owned By Eicher Motors

Like many other brands, Royal Enfield also changed ownership many times. Started in 1901 by The Enfield Cycle Company, Royal Enfield is now owned by Eicher Motors Limited, an Indian multinational automotive company.

Royal Enfield

3. Jaguar Is Owned By Tata

Originally a British brand, Jaguar was founded in the 1920s in the UK. It changed ownership many times and was acquired by Ratan Tata’s Tata Motors from Ford Motor Company in 2008 for $2.3 billion. 


4. Range Rover Is Owned By Tata

The Land Rover Range Rover was launched by British Leyland in 1970. Upon the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008, it is now owned by TATA Motors. 


5. Mandarin Oriental, New York Is Majorly Owned By Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Insutried Limited bought a 73.37% stake in Mandarin Oriental New York. It is a luxury hotel now majorly held by Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited (RIIHL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of RIL.


Who knew these famous foreign brands are actually owned by Indian companies? Next time you go shopping at a mall, try to look for other foreign brands that are owned by Indian companies. 

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