Childhood structures adulthood. The experiences we had as kids get manifested in our adult lives in the form of habits, traits, and even our insecurities. Not everyone has had a privileged childhood. And children who grow up in families with meagre annual incomes face many social, emotional, health, and educational difficulties that can really affect that impressionable age and even reappear as shadows of the past in their future.

In this viral Twitter thread, people — who grew up in poor families — are sharing how their adult life clearly draws influence from their childhood, something that privileged kids would never be able to understand.

While the essence remains the same, childhood impacts us all differently.

Poor children, more often than not, go through experiences that impact them psychologically. It could be the feeling of deprivation or isolation or general sense of unfulfillment of desires. The traces of a poor childhood are visible when the same children make decisions in relatively financially stable adulthood.

Saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is a hell lot easier when you have enough to cater to your needs and wants. Children who don’t get the little luxuries of life will be able to explain that to you.