OnlyFans has become quite famous in the last few years, leaving everyone curious about its creators and their journeys. In a thread, a creator talked about her experience on the adult streaming website which was both, interesting and insightful.

She started by mentioning that she had been a silent observer for years, and now she wished to share her journey with everyone.

Logo History

Talking about how she started her journey with OnlyFans, she mentioned that it all started about two and a half years ago, during the pandemic. 

“I embarked on a venture: a faceless OnlyFans account. This decision would unexpectedly catapult me into financial independence. To this day, I’ve netted around $4,000,000 after the website’s 20% cut and excluding taxes.”


She wrote that her work required dedication and discipline, like any other job. Later, she started earning a good amount of money and the rest became history. 

“I committed myself fully, putting in 12+ hours each day, every day. Without skipping a single day. On average, I am bringing in around $5k per day or $130k a month. The lowest month was my first at 25k and the highest was around 300k last summer.”


From having a master’s degree to working at a traditional workplace, she shared about her educational and career background. She talked about how she realized that a corporate job wasn’t the best choice for her and she chose a much easier way to earn.

“Raised in a trailer park, I was the first in my family to attend college. I worked hard to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in STEM. However, after a year in the traditional workforce, I realized it wasn’t for me. The commute, the insincerity, the constant need to dilute myself– it was all too much while I could be doing naked yoga for 5 minutes and get paid for it. It’s what I do, post a couple of pictures and a video every day by myself.”


Interestingly, the 28-year-old creator’s net worth is around 19 crores and 77 lakhs. She revealed that she owns her dream house, a car and has invested in many stocks as well. 

“I have invested $1,250,000 in the stock market (12% Apple, 5% MSFT, 5% GOOGL, and the rest in FXAIX, FSPGX, FSMDX, and FSSNX). I have a fully remodeled dream house, paid in full, worth $750,000, a 50k paid-off car, 115k in yearly CDs, 150k in Bitcoin, 150k in ETH, and 50k in various other cryptocurrencies. My only outstanding debt is my student loans of $130k, which is currently on pause so I am not bothered by it as much. After tallying all assets and subtracting my debts, my net worth comes to approximately $2,385,000, excluding a 30k cash emergency fund.”


Talking about her retirement plans, she shared that her goal is to live off a 3.5% withdrawal rate, which should comfortably cover all her living expenses. She also plans on traveling and writing a book in the future. 

“I’m single and have no plans for children, keeping my expenses fairly predictable. I also plan to take a couple of years to focus on my mental health, something I’ve neglected during these intense years of work. I am a passionate person with hobbies and great friends, I am looking forward to engaging with them more. Once I get bored, I will write a book (a life-long dream of mine), and simply travel and volunteer.”


Now, these were some interesting insights.