In association with PhonePe

If you’ve not been at the receiving end of spam calls then you have truly lived a privileged life. But for the rest of us, it’s been the bane of our existence. Whether you’re in an important meeting or just trying to enjoy some much-needed downtime, an unwanted, unexpected spam call is bound to invade your privacy at the worst moment possible. 

Just to be sure that we aren’t being biased though, we did a quick Google search to see how many Indians suffer from spam calls like we do. We found out that on average, Indians receive 17 spam calls in a month with 66% percent of them receiving more than 3-4 spam calls EVERY DAY! Spam calls are now as much a part of our routines as Lunch-Breakfast-Dinner are. And we have reluctantly normalized it because we have to give our number for almost every online service owing to its convenience. This is obviously not okay and we need someone to put an end to this! 

And to our surprise, that’s exactly what PhonePe’s latest campaign film did!

After watching their campaign film we realized that we shouldn’t give in to this unending barrage of spam calls as just a part of our life. Their insightful social experiment as shown in the brand film made us question why do we tolerate the invasion of our privacy through spam calls IRL? or even give our phone numbers just to check out the brand’s offerings.

Not just that they took it a step further by ensuring that they become one of the first brands to not ask people for their numbers to avail their motor insurance, thus, never being the reason behind your spam calls. And we’re high key here for it! We just hope other brands take notice and follow their lead! 

Check out the PhonePe social experiment yourself and see what we’re talking about. Truly an inspiration and hopefully the start of a future without spam calls!