‘Money cannot buy you happiness’, they say. Yet, it is the single most important thing we’re all chasing to survive, to afford the life of our dreams, to afford happiness, for the lack of a better word. It is that sinister need that comes accompanying its own shades of blues, the limitless greed to keep that bank balance flowing. 

unpopular opinions on money

Now we know we cannot generalise it, but we all need money to survive in this hyper-capitalistic world. The one who has made peace with what they have and does not deem fit to engage in a frivolous race to hoard more is perhaps the most contented. However, that is rare. Our money-related philosophies may be different, but we need it at the end. 

An X user (@misstherapist_) asked the Internet to spill their controversial takes on money, and what came was one truth bomb after another.

Take a look.

Money – the source of our desires and the root of a lot of our problems.