Those who say ‘Money is the root of all evil,’ have probably never had to struggle to pay the bills. The truth is that there is a significant relationship between socioeconomic status and mental health. To an extent, money does buy happiness. And, this Reddit thread where women have shared how growing up in a financially unstable household impacted them is proof.

Here, take a look at what we mean by this:

1. “I spend more than I have. I wanna buy all the things I was never able to have.”


2. “I went my entire early twenties without debt, and now at 28, I took out a credit card and have about $3400 in CC $35000 in car loan. Wish I hadn’t.”


3. “Lots of anxiety. I remember my mom putting all the bills in front of her and trying to figure out which one to not pay. Then crying.”


Unstable Financial Household
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4. ” I have anxiety while buying necessities like food and clothes and I feel guilty if I get ‘Too much.’ Basically, anytime I buy anything at all it gives me anxiety.”


Unstable Financial Household
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5. “The lack of money in our household was a daily topic. I am in a position now that I don’t have anyone to fall back on if something were to happen to me financially, and it really is just living in a constant state of anxiety.”


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6. “Still affects me. I was taught to feel ashamed of my situation and that I should hide it. To this day I have a hard time opening up to people despite doing well on paper. My poor parents haven’t recovered.”


7. “I’m a borderline workaholic.”


8. “I’m really stressed about money at all times even if I have it. I’m more inclined to save money, and I’m very, very scared of debt. I’m currently not working because I saved up to move abroad, for my master’s degree. I thought I’d be less stressed because I’m not working during my studies, but I’m actually more stressed because I’m terrified of spending too much and going into debt.”


9. “I married a man who is great with money, so now I am also great with money and that lifestyle is far behind me.”


10. “I save like there is no tomorrow. I’m always trying to make sure I am prepared in case something bad happens.”


11. “Money makes me anxious.”


12. “Spending money makes me feel unsafe.”


13.”Workaholic to the max, frugal to the point that it confuses my friends, living very far below my needs just so I don’t stress about bills, etc.”


For the longest people were demonized for wanting money, especially women, as women we’re constantly told not to want more from life. But money is a tool that can improve a person’s overall well-being, and there is nothing wrong with wanting more of it.