Not all of us are great cooks, but we’re all currently faced with the prospect of cooking for ourselves. I guess it’s the right time to channel our inner masterchef and make this lockdown our pet pooja project.

Here to help you are some of the most famous chefs on YouTube:

1. Jamie Oliver

With 4.87 million subscribers Jamie Oliver — a British celebrity chef known for his healthy takes on English cuisine. The channel offers expert tutorials on cooking a range of dishes. All shot in a friendly, approachable manner. 

2. Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale, is the cook behind this popular YouTube channel. She’s best known for her Italian-American dishes, and loves to share her grandmother’s favourite recipes. She started her YouTube channel in 2010 and now she has around 3.61 million subscribers. 

3. Binging with Babish 

With 6.63 million subscribers on this channel, Andrew Rea combined his love for films and cooking. He started his YouTube channel, Binging with Babish. On his channel he focuses on adapting foods and dishes from pop culture. 

4. Maangchi 

Emily Kim, is the face of this YouTube channel. Emily provides viewers with step-by-step instructions for how to make finger licking food. She joined YouTube in 2007. Her channel has more than 4.35 million subscribers. 

5. Rachel Ama 

This UK based Youtuber shares her amazing vegan recipes on her YouTube channel. Her channel has 436k subscribers.   

6. Kabita’s Kitchen 

Kabita Singh’s channel ‘Kabita’s Kitchen’ is a channel where you’d find all sorts of dishes that you can recreate with ease. She primarily focuses on Indian Cuisine. Kabita has over 6 million subscribers. 

7. Bhavna’s Kitchen 

With 904k subscribers on her channel, Bhavna’s uniqueness is her art of cooking exotic vegetarian cuisine recipes from all across the world with a hint of Indian flavour! 

8. Nisha Madhulika 

Nisha has over 8.5 million subscribers. Follow Nisha Madhulika’s guidelines to prepare some desi food. 

9. Vahchef- Vah Reh Vah 

Sanjay Thumma is fondly known as Vah-Chef. His cooking skills are extremely popular in Europe, Australia, and North America. He has over 1.82 Million subscribers and his use of spices is real magic! 

10. Manjula’s Kitchen 

With over 556k subscribers, Manjula’s Kitchen steals the show when it comes to authentic Indian Food. Her channel is known for vegan and gluten free recipes. 

Happy cooking!