Food shortage is one of the major worries on everyone’s mind during the lockdown. People can’t seem to keep calm as they are running short of ration supplies or are afraid for that to happen.

Instead of panic and hoarding, the need of the hour is safe-keeping. So, here are some ways you can store food carefully and make supplies last longer.

1. The best way to keep bananas fresh is to wrap the stems in clingfilm. It works for individual bananas or bunches. You can also peel the bananas and freeze them. 


2. Freeze milk in ice cube bags or trays. So that you have enough for your coffee and tea. 


3. Majority of our vegetables can be frozen. So, boil them for a few minutes quickly before cooling them down immediately in ice-cold water. This helps neutralise the bacteria present, which delays the spoilage process. 


4. If your fruit has any bruises or gashes, carve these away as these can cause your fruit to spoil quickly. 


5. Storing fruits and vegetables together makes them to go bad faster. Store them in separated drawers in the refrigerator. 


6. When you buy herbs, first rinse them of excess dirt, then loosely wrap them in a damp paper towel before storing in the fridge. This will keep them hydrated and fresh for longer. 


7. Tomatoes have a much fresher and stronger taste when stored at room temperature versus the fridge. 


8. Not just refrigerate but freeze the bread slices to make it last longer. Whenever you need it, just rewarm them in the oven at 350° or in a toaster.


9. Don’t ever store onions in plastic bags. Lack of oxygen reduces their storage life. Onions will last longer when stored in a dark, dry and cool but not a freezing place. You can also wrap them in newspaper with holes punched in them. 


10. Eggs should not be stored on the refrigerator door, but in the main body of the refrigerator to ensure that they keep a consistent and cool temperature and lasts longer.


Happy cooking!