May the 4th was with Indians. With wine shops opening their doors (and everyone conveniently forgetting about social distancing), India saw lengthy queues in front of liquor stores.

If you’re one of the lucky ones whose bar isn’t dry anymore, here are some simple but delicious cocktails to make:

1. Boozy Basil Lemonade. 

Lemon and vodka can never get old. Find the recipe here.  

Unusually Lovely

2. Strawberry Tequila Sodas  

Not shots, let’s keep it classy with some tequila sodas. Find the recipe here.   

Sugar and Charm

3. Colada Sunrise  

Can’t go to the beach? Bring the beach home with a glass of this cocktail. Find the recipe here.  


4. Guilt-free Margarita  

This cocktail is low on calories, so you can fly high. Find the recipe here.    

Country Living

5. Raspberry Ginger Beer 

Ginger beer, raspberry, vodka and yummm! Find the recipe here.  

Purely Katie

6. Spicy Beet Bloody Mary  

Can we call it the taste bhi, health bhi drink? Find the recipe here.   

Country Living

7. Blackberry Cucumber Gin Tonic  

It’s time to spice up your gin! Find the recipe here.   

The Wooden Skillet

8. Cucumber Pineapple Tequila Cooler  

This will surely make you ‘the coolest one’. Find the recipe here.   

Food Network

9. The Firecracker Cocktail  

The only firecracker that will cool your gut in the summer. Find the recipe here.   

Creative Culinary

10. Raspberry Gin Rickey  

A fun drink with the perfect sweet and sour taste. Find the recipe here.   

Amandas Cooking

11. Sweet Tea Sangria  

Let chai be your poison. Find the recipe here.    

The Wicked Noodle

12. Blueberry Mojito  

Blueberry, lime and rum make for an awesome threesome. Find the recipe here.    

Baking Beauty