Times are tough but the one thing constant through it all is good food. We can always rely on some delish dishes to lift our spirits. 

Here is a list of our all-time favourite desi comfort foods that have a special place in our hearts:

1. Cheeni roti with ghee


2. Malai on garam garam toast


3. Parle G with piping hot chai


4. Aloo parantha with curd and pickle


5. Bread pakoras in the rain


6. Rajma chawal that can fix a bad day


7. Thayir sadam aka traditional curd rice with a dash of pickle

Binjal’s kitchen

8. Some delish suji ka halwa 

Yummy Tummy

9. A bowl of Maggi

Indian veggie delight

10. Butter chicken with garlic naan

Economic Times

11. Momos with that mysterious sauce 

Just Dial

12. Samosas with chutney

Simple recipes

13. Idlis submerged in a bowl of hot sambar


14. Chocos and cold milk is a guilty pleasure 

India Mart

15. Fruit cream but we’ll leave out the apples

House of nash eats

16. Biryani with shorba


17. Bread butter jam post 12 AM hits different


18. Cold rabri and hot jalebi 

19. Honey chilli potatoes 


20. A sizzling plate of chole bhature 

Cook with manali

21. Bhujia, bread and ketchup. It’s a whole meal. 


What are you cooking today?