Who doesn’t love a scrumptious bowl of ice-cream? Just the thought of cream, nuts, chocolate and vanilla flirtatiously teasing your palette in-between innumerable fruity flavors gives me the goosebumps. A bad day just says bye-bye when a gigantic spoonful of ice-cream melts in your mouth. Ice-cream wizards around the world have experimented with various ingredients so that every bite feels like a warm cuddle.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams are our daily saviors and I’m pretty sure they’re yours too. 

Isn’t she a beauty?


Why fight when there’s strawberry goodness to bond over? 


Gorgeous hamesha, chocolate!


It could be argued that ice cream is the most important invention of mankind. Well, we won’t disagree. So, to celebrate this icy goodness, we’ve gathered some unique and awesome flavors from around the globe that will drive you totally nuts.

1. Cheese ice cream from the Philippines

Crafted with real cheddar cheese, the Philippines serves this mouthwatering dessert with fresh fruits and a dollop of sinful chocolate syrup. One bite of this beauty is a promise of eternal love!


2. Israel’s Halva ice-cream

No! It’s really not desi sooji ka halva served cold but is actually Israel’s favorite candy-like treat made from sesame seeds and honey. It is incredibly popular in the local markets, and people from all ages and walks of life often treat themselves with this rich creamy goodness. 


3. Germany’s spaghetties

Ha! Fooled ya! The Germans did get us with this playful play on pasta, no? Smooth and velvety vanilla ice cream is drawn from a pasta maker and served with pureed silky strawberry. 


4. Iran’s Faloodeh 

Not many people know this but the Faloodeh that you crave when you’re on an evening stroll or shopping spree, is really an Iranian delicacy. This delectable bowl of milk and kesar  flavoured with rose water and lime juice is luxury personified. 

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5. Britain’s glow-ice cream

We have neon bands in our night clubs, we’ve got neon ceiling stars glowing in our rooms but why stop there? Trust the British to take this neon-craze one step further by using jellyfish protein to make ice creams glow in the dark. Mission accomplished, guys! So, what’s next? Neon bread?


6. Italy’s Burrata ice cream

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Did someone just fuse our two favourite things in the world into an ice cream? Say it isn’t so! Imagine a velvety ice cream layer sprinkled with caramelized sugar! OMG!


7. Japan’s curry ice cream

A special Japanese ice-cream that is an amalgamation of curry flavoured goodness and the sweet crunch of shredded carrots. Japan is known for its traditions and well, so are we. Its might just be a curry connection?


8. Philippine’s purple yam ice cream

Another Filipino innovation that is made from Ube halaya a.k.a mashed yam. Is there anything they can’t transform into a dessert? The Philippines seems like our kind of place; a country that adores its sweet toothed citizens.


9. Fried ice creams 

Yes, you read that right! Claimed to be a Japanese innovation, they’re always served straight from the frying pan. The crispy shell protects the soft and gooey ice cream ball and it most definitely sounds like a delightful surprise to the tongue. 


10. East Hampton’s sundae 

A unique combination of root beer, toasted marshmallows and macerated cherries. All the ingredients gets a thumbs-up from my side. With a unique look and flavour, who wouldn’t love these marshmallow-y creamy desserts! Yum!


11. Louisiana’s treat

Richard Gere in Pretty Woman made it very clear that champagne is the best when paired with strawberries. But then, Louisiana came up with an even better idea – a tempting combination ice cream; strawberry and sparkling wine. 


12. Florida’s blackberry and goat cheese ice cream

It’s time to add a bunch of berries to your diet, guys! Especially when you know that the fabled ice cream wizards just love to experiment with them. Can you imagine what a spoonful of heaven tastes like? We’d like to think that it tastes a lot like this amazing dessert. 


13. South Carolina’s Black sesame hug

Ice creams are like a straight shot of goodness on a bad day and this one with a zesty ginger punch doesn’t seem any different. Apparently, it has got Asian roots. But who cares, right? As long as it’s creamy, melts in your mouth and tastes like a sweet dream. 


14. New Hampshire’s hot & sweet hello!

Looks like an exuberant Disney gown, doesn’t it? The thick buttery texture is a white chocolate preparation and gets its unique red shade from various kinds of red peppers. Spicy!


15. Sweden’s Licorice/liquorice ice cream 

Red is the supposed royal colour, but believe me it’s really not! Black is bold, beautiful, gorgeous and simply queen-like. And so is this sparkling Licorice ice cream! A sweet legume extract, the licorice is what makes this dessert royally dark and scrumptious.


16. Nebraska’s avocado ice cream

Buttery avocado with a delicious hint of wildflower honey. It doesn’t get any better than this, people! Curl up in a corner with a great book and a bowl of Nebraska’s avocado ice cream and you’re set for an awesome time! 


17. Turkey’s Dondurma

Dondurma is basically Turkish for ice cream. It contains salep, an orchid extract, and a raspberry punch to give it a scintillating flavour. A descendant of the once flourishing Ottoman Empire, Dondurma is a true royal Turkish delicacy. 


18. Blueberry corn ice cream

It’s hard to pin-point the origin of this amazing dessert as blueberry is a widely available fruit. Here it has been given a corn flavoured twist to add to it’s already scrumptious flavour. 


19. Italy’s Semifreddo

Part mousse and part ice cream, this delicious concoction has a custard-like richness along with a jolt of flavour from melted chocolate or pureed fruits. 


20. And finally, here’s a giant scoop of blueberry ice cream, just for you! 


You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice cream!