Ever since the lockdown began, it has changed our lives completely. We’ve been sitting in our homes, making sure that we do our part in flattening the curve. And while sitting at home, we sit down and try and remember beautiful memories of hanging out with friends, going out for a walk or just ordering food in. 

But ordering food or groceries online shouldn’t be something that you should be afraid of. Online food delivery platforms, restaurants and the government agencies have come up with and enforced measures so that we can be safer. So if you have been craving that biryani, order away, but just remember these 5 simple things to do to keep yourself safe. 

1. Opt for no-contact delivery.

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This is an option that many online delivery services are providing, wherein the entire delivery process happens without contact. The delivery executive will leave your meal at your doorstep and inform you; and you can pick it up after they have left to ensure safety. It’s the perfect solution. 

2. Dispose packaging after receiving your food.

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To be safer for yourself and those around you, dispose of the food packaging in a responsible manner. It will ensure that anything that has been resting on the packaging doesn’t harm anyone. 

3. Transfer the food into a home container.

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Again, to make sure that we keep ourselves and our food safe, it’s a good idea to transfer the food into a home utensil as soon as it arrives. That way you are placing the food into a known and clean place that hasn’t been exposed to outside elements. Perfectly simple solution, isn’t it?

4. Heat the food for 1-2 minutes.

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According to the Center For Food Safety at the University of Georgia, the virus is very sensitive to cooking; and the heat used to cook the food would be enough to kill the virus. But being exposed to the outside while travelling, it’s a good idea to be safe and heat the food for 1 or 2 minutes either on a pan or in a microwave to kill anything nasty that might be trying to get you. 

5. Wash your hands.


I know this might sound annoying and repetitive, but wash your dang hands people! It’s the best way to ensure that the virus doesn’t go haywire and affect you or those around you. So yeah, wash your hands before eating, people.  

And that’s it. Follow these steps and you should have a safe ordering-in experience. Remember, all delivery platforms and their executives are following strict guidelines to make sure that we all are safe. So, if you’re feeling peckish, go ahead, order that biryani!