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Have you ever been in a situation where something or the other kept breaking your sabar ka baandh? Like someone in public who just wouldn’t maintain social distancing, or a kid in your coach who wouldn’t stop crying. Or worse, when people won’t stop chewing loudly at dinner tables! Well, either you scream at them, or keep your cool and whisper thand rakh to yourself. If the second one doesn’t seem like something you can do, then we’ve got a message for you.

We all have our moments of crazy, and that’s only normal. But sometimes, there are consequences. So here are 6 things you should consider doing when you’re caught in such unpleasant situations. 

1. Think of it as something temporary 

Treat it like a fleeting moment that’s just going to pass away. Tell yourself how it’s only a matter of time that it’s going to end. Take it from someone whose mother just loves weddings and wouldn’t stop dragging me to them. 

2. Resort to something you love

Try looking for a private space and watch or listen to something that comforts you. Maybe a song that’ll calm you down, a YouTube video that cracks you up, or just a football match that keeps you invested. And if you’re somewhere where this isn’t possible, then try thinking about something that always, ALWAYS calms you down.

3. Grab a bottle of Sprite 

It’s not only going to physically cool you down, but also mentally freshen you up. What else can help you simmer down that mental heat than a refreshing sip of Sprite? So next time you’re fuming and about to go cray cray, just grab a Sprite aur thand rakh.

4. Disrupt your uneasiness 

You’ve got to shake yourself out of it. Disrupt your trail of thought by doing something random or physically going out of that space. Out of sight, out of mind might come handy in this situation. So you can just maybe go for a walk, or get some ice cream.

5. Use the power of your 5 senses

Usually when something bothers us or makes us feel bad, we tend to get lost in our thought bubble. And very often we amplify the situation in our heads. When you find yourself doing this, just activate your 5 senses. Focus on what you can hear, smell, see, feel, and taste. This will bring you out of your head and give you a clearer picture of what is happening. 

6. Breathe 

You might have heard this a million times already, but hear it once more. BREATHE, for real. Focus on your breaths and see how it lightens your body. Make meditation a habit, if you can. It’s going to help you glide through situations like these.

Summer’s approaching, which means you’re about to face more triggering circumstances. We have just one thing to say, Thand Rakh. Watch this super cool video by Sprite and see what we’re talking about.