2020 has been a tough year for us all, and of course the frustration is screaming to be let out. From break rooms to scream rooms, here are places we wish we could visit to detox. 

1. Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi in Tokyo

Set in a sombre and peaceful setting, this cafe and bar is a spot for negative people, who want to be cranky and grumpy to their heart’s content. With a rustic forest theme, the cafe has private cabin like rooms which are bare and help you defocus. The drinks at the cafe have unique names like, “On My Birthday, My Mom Sent Me a Melon from the Countryside, and I Didn’t Have the Heart to Tell Her that I Don’t Really Like Melon Very Much Anymore.” While women are allowed to enter the bar and cafe alone, men need to be accompanied by a woman to get entry. 


2. Bab Aldonia in Cairo 

This beautiful cafe has books, coffee and a soundproof room where you can let out all your frustration. You can step into this room, free of charge and scream as you replay the horrors of the last year in your head. Obviously, we can’t wait to give this cathartic experience a try. 

The Guardian

3. Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn, New York

Imagine walking into a bar and finding a corner where you can throw axes at a wall and let go of your frustration. First, professionals teach you a few basics about axe throwing and then give you time to Hulk-out in the axe-aiming range. 


4. Dühöngő RageRoom in Budapest

Listen to music, while you enter a room full of electronics waiting to be destroyed by you. If this isn’t a great way to let of a hellish year, we don’t know what is. 

Rage Room / Facebook

5. The Break Room in Australia

“We put you into a Break Suit, give you a baseball bat and give you one goal. Break things to relieve stress. Also, when you’re in there you’ll have to play by our rules. Simple!” the founders of The Break Room say. The room has an assortment of random objects – from drums to plaster walls that can be smashed through. 

Timeout / thebreakroom

6. Demolition Zone in Oregon 

Open for anyone over the age of 13, with adult supervision, this demolition room asks people to break things they’ve purchased and let out all that is bothering them. You also get to wear really cool gear that keeps you safe. 


7. Tantrums in Houston

This break room allows you to connect your phone to the bluetooth speaks and play your jam as you break things with a sledgehammer. It also hosts parties for divorce, birthdays and bachelorette – sounds like fun!