Who all agree that our Dadi’s & Nani’s cook the best food in the world? No matter what their age may be, the taste they add to the food is just perfect.

Talking about this, Meet this 75-year-old Dadi from Nagpur who has been selling Khandvi & Fafda for 40 years now.  

At 75, she is running her own shop in Nagpur, Itwari, with her son. It is a family-owned business & they have a variety of snacks you can try. 

While we plan our retirement at 60, she runs her shop at the age of 75. It is a commendable example of how age can never be a barrier to what you want to achieve in life. 

She says,  “We don’t use any machines, it is all hand-made.”

Ramanush Fafadawala, in Nagpur, sells all the Gujarati snacks at a very reasonable price. Her son is a big fan of Jethalal & they watch the show every day. 

With a wide smile on her face, Dadi’s hand techniques to make Fafda’s is intriguing. I mean, look at this, you will literally crave to eat Fafada’s.

Not only me, everyone is loving her dedication to work at this age. Here’s what they are saying.

We are proud of her. At the age of 75, she still chooses to work. I wonder what we will be like at 75.